Project Management is very important! If you are a creator or work with other creators, you are regularly involved with projects.

You want the projects you are working on to succeed, so that your efforts will improve the world and solve problems.

Often, this is a real struggle. Many projects are never finished. Many projects that are finished fall short of their aims. Most finished projects are over budget, behind schedule, or both.

As creators, we need solid and reliable techniques to help us to successfully complete more of our projects. Such techniques are hard to find. Most of the valuable techniques are earned through countless painful mistakes and costly failures.

This book is my attempt to share with you the simple, reliable techniques you need to ensure that your projects succeed.

There is a vast Project Management industry dedicated to training people and transforming company processes.

It’s a very credentialed industry.

It’s a very profitable industry.

The problem is, most of it is disconnected from the practical struggles of people trying to deliver projects. Many of the techniques used and promoted by this industry are counterproductive and harmful to projects.

That’s why I’ve written this book. This book is rooted in practice, rather than theory. Theory sounds very compelling when you’re in class. However, many theories aren’t easily applicable to real projects.

It’s easy to imagine controlling project costs. It’s much harder to decide what to do when your project has cost twice as much as you planned and you’re still far from having it finished. We need heuristics rooted in practice to help us know what to do from that point. We need paradigms that can minimize the chances of projects reaching that point.

Project management is not very complex.

You need to know only a few key things and if you put in a bit of practice, you can be a fantastic project manager.

I’ve written this book to teach you how to manage projects and focus on the key things that matter while avoiding wasteful, costly, and demoralizing mistakes.

Effective project management skills will improve your ability to organize teams, generate business value, get corporate promotions, increase your salary, start your own business, or even accomplish creative things like composing music, writing books, creating art, or numerous other things.

I know your time is valuable!

That’s why I’ve written short chapters so that you can quickly absorb the key information.

If you read and absorb this information, you will be well equipped with what you need to master project management.

I’m not one of those authors who writes pages upon pages, repeating the same information, again and again, to get it into your head.

Instead of so much repetition, I end each chapter with review questions so that you can discover if you fully absorbed the key points it presents. If you can answer all the questions for a chapter, then feel free to move on to the next. If you have trouble recalling some answers, go back and re-read the chapter until you can effortlessly answer the review questions.