Chapter 3 - The Power of Leverage

Chapter 3 - The Power of Leverage

One of the key drivers of freedom is leverage. The more leverage you have, the more freedom you will have.

Leverage Always Results In Freedom

So, in the areas of your life that you DON’T presently feel free, the solution is to utilize more leverage.

1) Recognize the amount of leverage you ALREADY possess. 2) Increase your leverage by BROADENING your options. 3) COMMUNICATE your leverage tactfully to those around you.

What is leverage?

Leverage is any force multiplier.

It’s something that makes you MORE effective.

More effective than who?

More effective than alternative people.

  • If you are good with Python or Microsoft Excel, and your boss ISN’T, it’s better for him to pay you than do it himself.
  • If you are available to do a task today, and Jimmy can’t start on it for a week, you are a better choice than Jimmy.
  • If you create reports that are more insightful than Bob, you are a better choice than Bob.
  • If you can build a website for $297, and Big Web Design Co charges $997, you are a better choice than Big Web Design Co.

Any ADVANTAGE you have can be used to give you leverage.

Most of these advantages don’t even require you to be BETTER. You just need to KNOW which advantages you have.

Then you can utilize those ADVANTAGES to give you LEVERAGE, which gives you FREEDOM.

In the next few chapters, we’ll dive deep into these three techniques for greater leverage. If you master the principle of leverage, it will give you TONS of freedom at work in addition to other areas in your life.

The fact that you are reading this book right now means that you are much closer to having the freedom that you DESERVE than at any other point in your life.

With a focused mindset and focused effort, you will soon see noticeable changes each day you go to work. You will see a broader range of options. You will command more respect from others. You will be given more freedom and explicit leeway from your team and your superiors.

Liberation Exercise:

Set aside 5 minutes to meditate and reflect.

  1. Write down some advantages you already have at work.
  2. Write down the areas at work that you feel the most enslaved.
  3. Look for any potential connection between your advantages and those areas.

Now, as you go about your next few days of life, reflect on these questions:

What leverage do I possess?

How am I utilizing my leverage?