Chapter 9 - Let Freedom Reign

Chapter 9 - Let Freedom Reign

When this book began, I said that the big idea was:

You are MEANT to be free.

Actually, I lied. That’s only half of it. The other half, which you are now ready for, is:

You are ALREADY free. Use your freedom!

The truth is, you have a LOT of talent, you have a LOT of freedom, you have a LOT of influence, and you have a LOT of potential.

Freedom Road

Freedom begins in your soul. When you decide that freedom is valuable and when you are pursuing freedom, you will find it! Your freedom muscles will get stronger and stronger.

There is real slavery in the workplace, but that’s primarily because they are filled with people who are thinking and acting like slaves. You CHOSE which company to work with, and you can change at ANY time. You are already free.

You can choose because you have real leverage. You have skills, talents, ideas, experiences, connections, attitudes, and perspectives that you make UNIQUELY VALUABLE.

Now that you’ve been reflecting on the leverage you already have, you have a greater grasp of which specific things give YOU advantages. With that new awareness, you are feeling more confidence and awareness of your value.

You’ve learned that most obstacles standing between you and what you want at work are not too big. There are ways you can work around each one. You’ve already practiced that at work. You will get better at quickly dealing with obstacles as you continue to walk in freedom.

Your universe is full of more OPPORTUNITIES as you have opened yourself up to new opportunities and even begun actively seeking them. You have ideas and paths that you didn’t have before. Keep seeking them, and you will precisely craft the career path you desire.

You’ve learned many techniques for how to COMMUNICATE FREEDOM and collaborate with others in a way that lets you do things the way you really want to. As you hone and evolve your communication skills more, others will afford you more respect and give you more leeway.

While you strengthen your freedom muscles and get stronger, you’ve also learned some short-term OFFICE HACKS that get you more freedom at work immediately.

You are ALREADY free! Use your freedom.

Creating Your Ideal Work Culture

The ultimate goal is that everyone at the office should collaborate and work as free artisans to accomplish a common goal. That’s the aim. Work should be fulfilling, meaningful, rewarding, and purely voluntary.

Evolve your approach at work by adapting the way you interact. First, focus on gaining more freedom and trust for yourself. Then you will also be able to help others become more comfortable trusting and letting go of the fear-based need for control.

Try a new approach and see what the effects are. If it’s evolving in the way you want it, keep going. Otherwise, change your approach after a bit.

Final Liberation Exercise

From today forward, go and use your freedom at work!

  • Work on WHAT you want to work on.
  • Work with WHO you want.
  • Work HOW you want.
  • Work WHERE you want.
  • Be confident in sharing your thoughts.
  • Let your heart guide your every work day.

Be passionate. Be free.